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I want to be loved. I want to be needed. I want to be wanted. But most of all, I want you to see past all my self defense, all my bravado and just see me. To see the scared little girl trying to pump her self up with inspiring quotes and tough words. The kid who likes to see you get scared and run away when I say I break bones and tear muscles for a living. Because, if I can see you're scared, I know I'm not the only one who's freaking out here. I know I'm not the only one who's pretending to be an adult. I know I'm not the only one struggling with being comfortable with being me. )

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Aug. 30th, 2011

The Doctor's In: Staying healthy during the stressful back to school season

Around this time of year a lot of parents, children, teenagers and elderly come into hospitals, clinics and general practitioners offices for shots and basic preventative care measures before returning to their standard yearly schedules. With breaks over and the back to school rush in full swing, if you're not all ready dealing with being back in school, there are a lot of questions of what can be done when a child is sick or what prevention can be taken to circumvent illness striking.

Looking at an all encompassing spectrum of wellness can be difficult, but really, the answers aren't as hard as you think. I've collected a few links to help parents, and students alike, to deal with what they can do in order to remain happy and healthy throughout the school year.

For some basic preventive measures check out: The ABCs of staying healthy at school.

Figuring out what to do for lunch can be a chore, but there's plenty of reasons to go through the fuss: 5 reasons to pack a lunch. For Spanish speakers/Para hablantes de EspaƱol: Cinco razones para un paquete de comida.

Finding it hard to keep up with assignments once things are going again? How to make Homework less work.

Another safety and health measure you can help your school or your child's school with is making sure they have appropriate medical response equipment and knowledge. One such program is called "Project ADAM". Project ADAM is in response to sudden cardiac arrest situations that can occur in students, and while not common, a school can never be too prepared. More information can be found by clicking here. You can also find videos regarding Project ADAM's history on youtube. The introduction, understanding SCA, Information regarding how to be ready to respond to an SCA situations and creating a PAD program in your school, if your school doesn't all ready have one. All the videos cab be viewed in under twenty minutes and from the convince of your own home in today's modern age. Much unlike the stone age I was born in, you lucky kids you.

Concerned about your or your child's grades? While no singular study should be the basis of all you decisions this one by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) makes some interesting points: Health-Risk Behaviors and Academic Achievement.

Some students that are leaving the areas they are familiar with may be having a particularly high level of stress about living in a new place. One of the best tools to fight stress and anxiety can very commonly be information. With that in mind I share a sub-page from the CDC regarding what you, your child or members of the community can do in crisis situations: Crisis Preparedness & Response.

And to end the link spree, for now (mwahaha), I'll share something a little more fun, but still useful! All of those with killer chocolate cravings? More research has now come out showing that there may very well be some significant Heart Benefits From Chocolate! Clearly more research is still needed before we jump to any final conclusions but I think this completely justifies any chocolate fondue parties anyone may want to hold for the time being. I'll be glad to accept any invites for giving you all such a wonderful idea/advice. I'm normally free evenings. ;)

In regards to your health, if it be mental, emotional or physical, don't be afraid to make an appointment to visit your doctor! If you're away from home and need medical attention quicker there's always the option of school nurses, free clinics and walk in medical facilities at your finger tips. Unaware of where to go? Ask! Or even do an internet search! You'd be amazed just what you can find.

And as always, don't just take my word for it! Go! Google! Do research! Become Smarty-Mc-Smart-Pants-er-son! Impress your friends with your knowledge and who knows, maybe you could even use this knowledge to free up some extra time, along with being healthy enough to go on, the date you've been dying to have with that hottie at the bookshop! ;)

P.S. Another interesting, yet unrelated, article regarding surgeons musical selections in the operating room. I'm a rap and pop fan personally.

Aug. 24th, 2011

For my crop style adventures acquaintance.

Or anyone else who may enjoy a silly image or three. :)

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Aug. 16th, 2011

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Okay, a few things?

(1) When you send things to my house and I don't know who you are, that's just creepy. A little sweet, but a lot of weird. Sure it's not impossible to get my address but it's hard.
(2) The poem indicates that the writer passed over a singular flower because they had a tree. Then the tree wasn't happy with them either. Thusly they got nothing. Being that you say that I am a flower that means, in the poem's context, you passed over me for a tree, (whatever that means). It would seem to imply that you passed over me for someone else. Which makes your attempted argument really awkward. JSYK.
(3) The heck?

The Doctor's in: Contraceptives and normalization of the sexual self

This new direction The Department of Health and Human services in the United States is taking is phenomenal. DHHS just landed a major knock out blow for some major women's health and lifestyle concerns. I don't do it often but this is something I can totally get on the applause train for. This could also help reduce the impact on those in lower socioeconomic brackets that may not have been able to previously afford basic women's preventative health procedures and some general serious social issues. If you can get health care, you will be able to obtain birth control and other services without co-pay regardless of state of residence, as of August 1st, 2012. It's currently unclear but I can't help but think this may also assist free clinics in getting access to free birth control for patients between health care providers.

I know this seems like a total chick problem, but really it affects everyone. Boyfriends, you now have one less concern in regards to knocking your lady up. One night stands just got a lot less baby daddy drama. Those with mom's? You may not have to worry about having a sibling soon invading your life. Got a sister? Well, now she may not have to drop out of Uni because she couldn't afford the pill. It affects the whole nation, really. Though birth control traditionally has been used for much more than just making sure cellular growth doesn't happen unintentionally.

This is a serious step towards the nation, as a whole, taking a much healthier approach towards sexual and reproductive care for all members if directly or indirectly. Not to mention it has potential to indirectly help alleviate the stigma surrounding sex on a large scale basis. Any step towards normalization of the sexual process, as it is a completely natural and acceptable biological function, is a step in the right direction in my book.

If you would like to read more on the development, please click here or here, or google it and check around. Don't just take my word for it, there's a whole world of information out there just waiting for you to find it. And always, double and triple checking your facts will make you look smarter in the end.

And looking smart can totally help you get the cutie at the coffee shop's number.

What do you think?

Aug. 9th, 2011

I'm not sure how many people read these things, but here goes:

To the person who forgot their rose in my classroom today, it has been relocated to the teachers lounge and put in a vase so that it doesn't die. You can pick it up there when you get the chance. I hope it wasn't left because the person didn't want it, it's such a pretty flower and the note is very sweet.

Aug. 3rd, 2011

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